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Choose a layout, or build your own

Want to get something up and running fast? Use one of our layouts and tweak it to your hearts content. Alternatively build your own layout from scratch just how you like it.

Add the blocks you need

We offer a wide variety of tools to make your start pages your own, keep it really clean and simple or build a productivity powerhouse.

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And Much More

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Basic Blocks

Our library of basic app blocks like clocks, weather and todo lists can be added out of the box with no effort to give your pages a simple starting point.

We offer a growing list of basic app blocks to cover most use cases.

Advanced Blocks

We support an ecosystem of advanced blocks added by the community. Extending what you can do with your start page.

Learn more about building advanced blocks in our Developer pages.

Customise every block

You can change almost everything about a block, from the fonts and colours they use, to the amount of space they take up in your page.

Layout each block in whatever order you want to get the best fit for you.

Your privacy is protected

We protect your privacy because your personal information is none of our business, find out more in our privacy policy.

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No Ads

We don't show ads to any of our users, we don't want them to track you across the web and they provide a terrible experience.

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No External Trackers

We don't use any external tracking technologies.

We only use internally developed tech to track product usage anonymously so we know where to focus our development efforts.

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Optional Account Signup

Build your pages without giving any personal information or creating an account.

Only create an account when you want to sync your pages across devices.

For you, your team and your business!

We provide the best experience for many different use cases, from simple start pages just for you that enhance your personal web experience, all the way to a fully featured intranet for your business to keep everybody in sync..

Build your own custom start page today

Ditch the boring default browser start pages and build your perfect start page experience for free.

Create a productivty powerhouse that helps you to get things done, or create a space of zen to start every session the right way.

PS: You don't even need to register an account to build your page!

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